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Our Motto:
Never Promise More Than You Can Do and Always Do More Than Is Expected

Our Commitment
The focus at Mountain View Home Builders is on delivering well built homes and remodeling at an affordable price and on providing excellent customer service.

Our Commitment to Quality:

Build a home we would be proud for our families to live in
Pay close attention to detail
Never cut corners for our benefit
Use the highest quality materials
Use qualified and reliable subcontractors

Our Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

Strive to meet or exceed all Customer expectations
Deliver on commitments, including price and completion time
Offer the Customer maximum options
Maintain flexibility and allow Customers to make changes throughout the building process
Help the Customer select amenities and options they will be happy with
Work with suppliers to obtain the best prices possible on high quality materials
Maintain constant communication with the Customer so they are always aware of project status
Give prompt attention to any customer concerns
Follow up to make sure the job was done right

Our Mission Statement:
At Mountain View Home Builders, we strive to be the best home builders in our region by adhering to the teachings of Jesus Christ who compels us to…

Always treat others as we would want to be treated,
Use honesty and integrity as the primary guide for our business policy,
Deal fairly with our customers, each other, employees, subs and suppliers,
Always keep our word to anyone to whom we give it,
Use the highest standards in the workmanship and materials in the homes we build,
Always be professional, fair and honest in every area of our lives,
Personally participate in service projects to our neighbors and community.
As members of the Mountain View Home Builders organization, we accept this pledge and in doing so commit to doing what is necessary to ensure a better building industry, a better community, and a better world.

Our Core Values

We believe that God owns this business, not us
We believe care of the environment is our responsibility
We believe people, and not things, are most important

“Our experience with Mountain View Home Builders was great. Building a custom home is an enormous undertaking. We considered several builders before settling on Mountain View. They spent a great deal of time, several months, getting details and advising us on various aspects of our home design and provided us with an accurate estimate of the cost of our new home. They spent even more time helping us to select the perfect set of plans and even helped us to make the purchase from an on-line plans company.

-Josh and Ashley Armour, Gillsville

The homes that we build are designed to give our customers a feeling of peace; A place to find sanctuary and solice at the end of a day at work or a day on the Lake. Whatever your homebuilding needs, we know that Mountain View Homes is the right choice. Want to see more?


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