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Mountain View Home Builders is a certified Earthcraft House builder. We are regularly receiving the latest education and training concerning cutting edge green building techniques. We are currently building EarthCraft House homes in the Northeast Georgia area including Hall, Habersham, White, Banks, Jackson, Stephens, Rabun and surrounding counties.

By building an EarthCraft House, you can be assured you are building a state of the art home using environmentally responsible and sustainable methods. This includes both green building materials and green building techniques. These have a much lower impact on the environment in several ways. We use less material therefore consuming less resources. We use renewable materials which does less damage to the environment. We generate less waste during the building process which impacts our landfills in a positive way.

Our approach also results in much less energy usage as well as a more comfortable and healthy indoor environment within your home. Our practices result in lower energy bills for heating, cooling and lighting your home. We also produce a home that is much healthier to live in. Indoor air quality in most traditionally built home is very low. The use of standard paints, carpets, building materials result in off gassing of dangerous VOC’s (Volitile Organic Compounds) which create health problems for the homes occupants.

Water usage has become a hot topic in recent years, especially in Georgia where we are still going through a drought period. We incorporate many water reduction techniques in the building of your new home. everything from low volume faucets and shower heads to recirculation systems to Xeriscaping your yard with low water requirement plants and water retention mulches and hard surfaces.

We ask you to consider allowing us to build you an EarthCraft House. It will reward you for many years financially with lower energy costs, health wise with better indoor air quality and environmentally by having a much lower impact on the environment. It will be a home in which you can be proud to live.

The EarthCraft House story
EarthCraft House is a green building program that serves as a blueprint for healthy comfortable homes that reduce utility bills and protect the environment. The aim of the program is to help home builders be leaders in smart growth management and environmental stewardship.

Building an EarthCraft House is about constructing a healthy, more valuable home while minimizing environmental impacts. EarthCraft House follows a systems approach to home building that stresses an understanding of how the different components of a home work together. This approach results in a home that performs better, is more economical for the homeowner and costs little more to build than a comparable home built with standard construction practices.

EarthCraft House Environmental Benefits

The energy sources used by homes can contribute to global warming and other serious environmental problems. Also, the materials used in the construction and maintenance of a home can deplete natural resources. EarthCraft House can increase the energy efficiency of a home by 30% which can result in a reduction of over 1100 pounds of greenhouse gases introduced into the atmosphere each year. In addition, EarthCraft homes can conserve water and reduce storm water pollution. Finally, by promoting recycling and the use of durable, low maintenance, recycled, and rapidly renewable materials, EarthCraft House helps to ensure our homes conserve natural resources and protect ecosystem biodiversity. EarthCraft homes are truly “sensibly built for the environment.”

True Cost of Ownership

Today’s home buyers want to get the most house for their money. In addition to paying a monthly mortgage, home owners must also pay for utilities, maintenance and repair. All of these factors must be taken into consideration when determining the true cost of home ownership. A durable energy efficient house can be more economical and affordable even if it has a higher asking price than another home built with standard construction practices.

As the following example shows, by simply lowering energy costs, a home with a higher price tag can actually be more affordable.

Standard new home

Same home with energy improvements

Home price
(90% mortgage, 8% interest)


$154, 816

Loan amount



Monthly payment*



Energy bills



The true monthly cost of home ownership



Monthly savings



* Estimated mortgage payments are based upon principle and interest only and do not include taxes and insurance. Values indicated here are for example only and will vary from home to home.
Source: “Energy Efficient Mortgage Home Owners Guide,” Federal Citizen Information Center.

“Our experience with Mountain View Home Builders was great. Building a custom home is an enormous undertaking. We considered several builders before settling on Mountain View. They spent a great deal of time, several months, getting details and advising us on various aspects of our home design and provided us with an accurate estimate of the cost of our new home. They spent even more time helping us to select the perfect set of plans and even helped us to make the purchase from an on-line plans company.

-Josh and Ashley Armour, Gillsville

The homes that we build are designed to give our customers a feeling of peace; A place to find sanctuary and solice at the end of a day at work or a day on the Lake. Whatever your homebuilding needs, we know that Mountain View Homes is the right choice. Want to see more?


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